About me

Hi! I’m Chris Mason. I’m a researcher, consultant and writer based in Melbourne, Australia.

My work is driven by the idea that people, communities, organisations and government are connected in many ways, some obvious, others not so. My research involves thinking about these connections differently, challenging assumptions about what ‘works’.

I’ve been very focused on social enterprise and social innovation in my career, although I’m largely interested in how people and communities self-organise to address issues of critical social and environmental importance. I developed a tool to support social enterprises to do this – the Social Enterprise Reporting Tool.

I’m also intrigued by how governments and social policies try to support this kind of social action – such as the current implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme in Australia.

I’m an Associate Professor at the Centre for Social Impact (Swinburne University of Technology) – you can find out more about my publications and things here. In this role, I’ve been lucky to work with many seriously talented and extremely committed, compassionate people, whether in academia, in social enterprises and nonprofits and in government.

I use this site to publish my musings about research, topics that interest me, or provide succinct summaries of research. I’m especially interested in the value of academic work to public discourse and debate. It’s a lot more interesting than I just made it seem.

I hope you find it interesting/useful!

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